PPT-ARMATURE A.D. researches, designs constructs, products and sells tube connectors for hydraulic, pneumatic, pneumo-hydraulic and electro-hydraulic equipment and systems, which have applied to and proved in a number of fields of applications.

Special purpose and special design tube connectors are available upon a Customer's request.

A high quality of tube connectors is achieved thanks to modern machines and in-house forging workshop. In that way all needs of our country market are met, and tube connectors are exported to many countries of Europa, Asia and Africa.





-Non-adjustable tube fittings

-Adjustable tube fittings



-Ball shut-off valve

-Weld nipples

-Pressure gauge connectors

-Fittings with circlip

-Industrial pneumatic fittings


-Brake pneumatic fittings

-Test points

-Forged pieces up to 5 kilos

-Gas lines fittings

-Fittings for inch dimensions tubes

-Webeo connectors for railway applications

-JIC 37° and Adaptors





-Road and railway vehicles

-Means of transportation within facilities

-Lifts and conveyors

-Building industry machines

-Agricultural machinery

-Mining equipment


-Marine equipment

-Metal machining equipment

-Processing industry

-Power supply industry

-Special purposes

-General machine building industry